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While preparing for a photography class I’m teaching I was going through my photos, looking for examples. The process was slow because I’d stop to relive the memories in so many images. So I thought it would be fun to show you a few of my favorite photos. I’ve taken so many over the years; it’s hard to narrow them down. And to be honest, some of these aren’t my favorite because they’re spectacular photographs. They’re my favorite because of the memories they hold. After all, isn’t that why we take pictures?

Every year since 2009 I’ve been visiting The Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival. I love to capture the smaller details of water drops on the petals, or isolating 1 tulip in a sea of flowers. For years I tried to be there when the hot air balloons are. And every year I miss them. Then finally a couple years ago, the stars aligned and I happened to be there on a perfect morning for hot air balloons. There were so many the horizon was as colorful as the field of flowers. It was so exciting to watch them slowly fill with air, and silently float into the sky.

Last year my nephew asked me to go on a field trip with him. They were going to Silver Falls and he wanted me to come along so we could take pictures of the waterfalls together. I love shooting waterfalls and I couldn’t wait to share this passion with my nephew. Most all of the pictures I ended up taking on the field trip were of my nephew. I had so much fun watching him enjoy capturing his own memories.

The last couple years, as the summer comes to an end, I’ve spent some special time with my niece and nephews. Our last outing was to Mt. St. Helens. We spent the day driving up the mountain and stopping at all the visitor’s centers. When you try to share the things you love with teenagers and young children, it’s sometimes difficult to tell if they are enjoying the experience as much as you do. That’s why I love this photo. Not only does it remind me of the fun we had that day, it also reminds me they stopped to enjoy the view.

For several years my photography club has been meeting up in various parts of the country to spend time together taking pictures. In 2015 we were on the east coast. We drove the back roads of Massachusetts and visited Boston. In addition, I was able to fill a long time dream of going to NYC. The following are several pictures from that trip. But I think the pictures I love the most are the ones of my friends as they capture what they see.

The Massachusetts back road drive brought us to one of my new favorite places. This waterfall tumbled gracefully down the hillside. Surrounded by trees, you would never see it from the road unless you know it’s there. It was such a peaceful place.

The old brick plant of some kind sat perfectly against a backdrop of trees. The trees here are so different from the tress I’m used to in the PNW. I think someday I’ll need to go back to the east coast in the fall to see what this hillside looks like with it’s autum colors on display.

Old Sturbridge Village is an 1830’s New England Living History Museum. It was a fun little town to explore. My favorite was the potter who was very into his role and the old wooden covered bridge.Acorn Street in Boston is said to be one of the most photographed streets in the US. With its cobblestone street and the cute decorated doorways, I can see why. While on the east coast I watched for dates on buildings and monuments. I found the oldest date on my trip in this cemetery where John Hancock is buried.

While in NYC we visited the 9/11 memorial and museum. It was such a surreal experience to walk through a museum for an event I remember watching on TV. It was impossible to go through the museum without tears. The memorial where the twin towers stood is a beautiful and sobering site.

Getting to see the Statue of Liberty was amazing. To personally see something so iconic, that holds so much meaning for this country was something I’ll never forget.

The last set of photos are some of my favorites from this trip. I enjoy the yearly excursions with my photography club. We explore, laugh, pick on each other and take a lot of pictures. The pictures of my friends reminds me how much fun we have together.

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