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I recently went to Nashville, TN for my first photography convention. Since I’ve never been to Nashville, I decided to arrive a day early so I could explore the city. I’d talked my friend Jodi into joining me for the convention and for a day of exploring. 

Jodi is portrait photographer based in Pittsburgh, PA. We met years ago in an online photography club. Since then she has become a great friend, I know I can turn to when life gets hard. I was excited to not only go to my first convention, but also to spend time with my friend. 

Jodi and I had a great time exploring Nashville. Once we stepped off the bus that brought us downtown from the hotel, I learned why they call Nashville “Music City”. Every place we went there was music playing. The stores had speakers on the outside of the buildings pumping country music into the streets. All the restaurants had their doors open so you could hear the live music as you walked past. It was a fun experience to wander the city as music filled the air.  

They had the streets blocked off for a party later that evening. Apparently the TN football team had made the playoffs.
We wandered into a store filled with cowboy boots. I think I saw more cowboy boots in this store than I did the entire time I was in Texas. LOL!
As we wandered the city Jodi pointed out this building. She’d noticed the windows were spaced like the keyboard of a piano. Turns out it’s the Country Music Hall of Fame. I took the photo on the right because I was fascinated with juxtaposition of the older and newer buildings.
I’m really glad Jodi came along. I get lost pretty easily so I would have pretty much stayed where we were dropped off. However Jodi decided she wanted to check out the pedestrian bridge. Because we wandered a bit off the beaten path we ended up on the other side of the Cumberland River. As a result we got to see the city skyline as the sun set.
nashville, tennessee
We spotted this interesting structure while on the other side of the river. From afar it looked like a rollercoaster. I figured it was just a funky piece of artwork. We found out later it is actually pieces of an old rollercoaster.
As the sun started going down we decided to head back to the hotel. On our way back to the pedestrian bridge, we ran into a local photographer. He encouraged us to stay and wait for the city lights to reflect off the river. I’m so glad we did!

I didn’t have my tripod so it was tricky shooting in the low light. I ended up putting my camera on a bench and using the self-timer to get this shot. Next time I’ll remember to bring my tripod. 😉

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