Gabi – High School Senior

My first impression of Gabi was the quite, seemingly shy lady who came to the pre-consultation. She talked about her art and wanting photo’s of herself with her drawing pad. At my prompting, she showed me the style of pictures she liked. I figured it would take me a bit of work to pull her out of her shyness during her photo session.

I was pleasantly surprised when during her session she opened up and this fun, spunky girl emerged. She would give me fun crazy poses and her boyfriend would do things behind the camera to get her smiling. Overall it was a fun afternoon with Gabi.

Gabi, I enjoyed working with you and loved seeing you open up and let your personality out. You are fun and spunky. I wish you all the best as you move into the next chapter of your life.

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Teresa Hunt Photography

Serving The Greater Portland Area

Teresa Hunt Photography

Serving the Greater Portland Area