Being the oldest of 3 sisters, I know well the “joy” of having a younger sister. Liberty is a sweet young lady who knows how to play her little sister role well. 😉 During our consultation, it was obvious Liberty knew what buttons to push with her sister Grace to get the best reactions. I still get a chuckle when I think of it.

Liberty and I share the same love for the color burgundy. Though I have to say I believe the color looks much better on her. 😉 I also discovered she named her cat Texas Toast – such a cool name for a cat!!

Liberty is a sweet and spunky young lady who was so easy to photograph. During the reveal session, her mom said to me “She never smiles for pictures, you got her actual smile”.

Be sure to check out the photos of Liberty and her sister HERE. You can also see Grace’s individual session HERE.

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Teresa Hunt Photography

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Teresa Hunt Photography

Serving the Greater Portland Area