My Nephew is Spider-Man

My Nephew Eddie is a huge Spider-Man and Tom Holland fan. When I saw his homemade Spider-Man costume I knew we had to do a photo shoot. If you’ve seen the Marvel movies you will recognize this Spider-Man suit as the one Peter Parker wore before Tony Stark gave him an upgrade. I was impressed with how good my nephew did in recreating that specific superhero look.

While doing a bit of research for his shoot Eddie and I stumbled on a photo of Tom Holland holding blue and red smoke bombs. It was such a cool photo we decided we had to try it. After hours of searching the internet, I finally found the smoke bombs. Cool Spider-Man costume and smoke bombs . . . we were all set!

Shooting with smoke bombs was a new experience. The wind kept sending smoke into Eddie’s face. It took a bit, but he figured out how to move the smoke around him without getting choked by it.

I have to say Eddie has been one of my favorite subjects to photograph lately. He had so many good ideas. In fact, pretty much all the Spider-Man images are based on Eddie’s suggestions. I love it when client’s get into their sessions like this. They almost always have better ideas than I do. 😉

boy in spider-man costume
boy holding red and blue smoke bombs
pre-teen boy holding red and blue smoke bombs, pre-teen boy in tree
portrait of pre-teen boy sitting in a tree
pre-teen boy dressed as spider-man
pre-teen boy holding red and blue smoke bombs
pre-teen boy in spider-man costume shooting webs toward camera
pre-teen boy sitting on stairs
pre-teen boy in spider-man costume, portrait of pre-teen boy
pre-teen boy holding red and blue smoke bombs
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