My Niece the Mermaid

Last year for her birthday I gifted my niece a princess photo shoot. As we were setting up for her session I told my niece if she had fun we could do this every year. She had so much fun she was still wanting to take photos even after the sun went down and the light was gone. LOL!!

This year she decided on a mermaid photo shoot. Living a mere 2 hours from the Oregon Coast we had the perfect backdrop for our session, though weather there can be pretty unpredictable. Since my last few sessions at the coast had nice weather with the harshest light possible, I was hoping for nice weather and overcast skies. I got only half my wish. The sky was overcast, but it was cold and windy. My poor niece was freezing for most of her photo session. She was a great sport and stuck it out for as long as possible. I’m not sure I would have had her stamina in the cold and wind we were dealing with.

If I was a bit more creative with words, I would come up with a fun story to go along with these photos. But I’m more of a visual storyteller. 😉 So without further ado my niece the mermaid . . . .

mermaid, natural light, oregon coast

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Teresa Hunt Photography

Serving the Greater Portland Area