My Niece The Princess

A few months ago I ran across a photo on Pinterest that captured my attention. It was a shot of a young girl in a white muslin dress, standing in a dark forest holding a lantern that could have had a fairy inside. It was so pretty I immediately wanted to recreate it. I sent the picture to my sister and asked if I could do something similar with my niece. Her response, “Yes please”.

I kept that picture stored in my phone for months letting the idea fade from insecurity.

Then one day full of confidence and inspiration I decided to gift my niece a Princess Photo Shoot for her 7th birthday. I immediately went shopping, I looked EVERYWHERE for a similar dress. While I found several dresses to purchase for the photo shoot, I couldn’t find one to match my inspiration. I finally settled on a lace flowered dress for my niece. She looked so amazing in this dress all disappointment over the other dress faded. And then there was the dress my niece contributed to the shoot . . . . OH MY!! It was a dress fit for a princess. I loved it so much I tried to convince her to give it to me. 😉

As it often goes when doing a photo shoot to match an inspiration piece, things turned out so very different. My favorite images from this shoot look nothing like the inspiration I started with. And even my copy of the inspiration photo turned out completely different.

My niece and I had so much fun taking these photos, we’ve decided to do a photo shoot every year. 🙂 I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them.

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Teresa Hunt Photography

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