Stonehenge Memorial ~ Maryhill, WA

At the beginning of the year, I set a goal for myself to get out and explore more. There is so much to see where I live and I’ve only seen a small portion of what the PNW has to offer. I knew when I set the goal the Stonehenge Replica in Maryhill, WA would be on the list. I’ve wanted to visit this place since I first heard about it years ago. It was erected as the nation’s first WWI memorial and dedicated in 1918 to the servicemen of Klickitat County, Washington.

I decided to make the trek to the WWI memorial on Easter. My goal was to be there in time for sunset. Because I was playing games with my family, I ended up leaving later than planned. I wasn’t too worried because I was still scheduled to arrive in plenty of time to scope out the location for the best view of the memorial against the setting sun. Unfortunately, my GPS got lost and took me 20 minutes in the wrong direction. By the time I’d backtracked and found the road my GPS was unable to locate, I’d missed the sunset. I’ll admit to being really annoyed with my GPS for taking me WAY out of the way. But having found the place I knew I could easily make it back another time. I was able to get one shot before I had to head back home in the dark. stonehenge, maryhill, washington, travelAfter I posted the above image on Facebook a new friend contacted me. She’s been wanting to see the replica as well and so we made plans to go back together. We drove over on a Sunday afternoon and since I knew how to get there we were able to drive straight to it (without the 40-minute detour). It was fun wandering around the monolithic structure. The view of the Columbia River, that divides Oregon and Washington, is spectacular! While we were there a thunderstorm started to roll in giving me some fun cloud cover to play with.

After wandering the memorial for a while we made our way over the the Maryhill Museum of Art only 3 miles up the road. Unfortunately, we arrived 15 minutes before closing. Since I still haven’t gotten my sunset photo or been able to tour the museum . . . I guess I’ll just have to go back again sometime. But until then, enjoy the wandering the grounds through the lens of my camera.

stonehenge, maryhill, washington, travel

Stonehenge, Maryhill, Washington, travel

stonehenge, maryhill, washington, travel

Stonehenge, maryhill, washington, travelThe photo below turned out to be my favorite of the trip.

Stonehenge, maryhill, washington, travelOn our way home, we made a stop at the Rowena Crest viewpoint. I’ve seen so many images of the horseshoe road it was fun to see it in person. Unfortunately to get the shot I wanted I will need a wider angle lens. Yet another reason to make the drive back along the Columbia River.

Stonehenge, maryhill, washington, travel


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