Visiting Chicago and The Famous Bean

It’s funny how when you watch a movie and see a location you get this preconceived idea of what it looks like in person. Earlier this year when I went to Chicago with my photo club, I wanted to see “The Bean”. I had seen it in several movies and so, of course, I had to see it in real life. From what I had seen in the movies, I expected “The Bean” to be in some plaza at the base of a tall building. I was surprised to find it in a city park and not right outside a skyscraper. Just goes to show you . . . . never believe what you see in the movies. 😉

Interestingly enough “The Bean” isn’t really a bean at all. It was inspired by liquid mercury and is officially titled “Cloud Gate”. The arch is 12 feet high, and I recommend walking under it and looking up. It’s quite the visual experience.

We were walking to Millennium Park when suddenly everyone around me stopped and started taking pictures of this fence. I couldn’t understand why at first . . . then I saw it. Can you see it? It was a very surreal visual moment.

On the left, you have my Bean selfie. 😉

This is what you see when you walk under The Bean and look up. Can you see me?

I had to take another selfie under the arch.


Taking my own advice from my Tips for Photographing Your Next Vacation blog post, I had to slow down and explore the area. While The Bean is the main exhibit of this part of the park, the skyline behind it is pretty fantastic too.

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